Nursing Home Abuse 1 of 2

By January 20, 2016 Blog
nursing home abuse

Nursing Home Abuse

nursing home abuseAs horrible as the thought is, nursing home abuse is very common.  In the next two blogs we will discuss the different types of abuse that take place in nursing homes. There are six different areas of abuse. In blog one we will cover physical, verbal, and chemical.

Types of abuse:

1. Physical

  • Hitting, slapping, pushing, physical punishment, or rough treatment.
  • Purposefully allowing a resident to fall.
  • Conducting or allowing inappropriate sexual touching or rape.
  • Physical or chemical restraints limiting the resident’s movement for the convenience of staff or others.
  • Unattended health complications such as bed sores or pain control for injuries.
  • Physical injuries such as scratches, bruises, welts, and skin conditions that would indicate unjustified restraints.
  • Significant weight loss and/or lack of response to weight loss.
  • Allowing fleas, lice, dried fecal matter, continuing urine odors, roaches, ants, or mice to become established on the resident or in their room.

2. Verbal

  • Yelling, cursing, or threatening.
  • Making suggestive sexual remarks.
  • Cruel, negative teasing.
  • Not responding to attempts by the resident to communicate.
  • Speaking to the patient in a short, negative manner.
  • Belittling or talking down to the resident.

3. Chemical

  • Withholding, borrowing, or refusal to administer drugs prescribed for the resident.
  • Diversion of drugs from the resident’s supply for staff or family member’s use.
  • Use of drugs to limit the movements and behaviors of the resident.

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