Nursing Home Abuse 2 of 2

By January 27, 2016 Blog
nursing home abuse

nursing home abuseNursing Home Abuse

As discussed in part one of this blog it’s a truly horrible thought that nursing home abuse actually take place. In this part two “Nursing Home Abuse” blog we will continue to discuss the different types of abuse that take place in nursing homes. There are six different areas of abuse. In this blog we will cover negligence, psychological, and misappropriation.

Types of abuse:

4. Negligence

  • Failing to provide needed assistance in activities of daily living, provide food, or liquids.
  • Failing to carry out the resident’s plan of care in a way that could possibly produce direct or indirect harm.
  • Failing to do what the average person with the employee’s training and job duties would or should do to care for the resident under the same circumstances.
  • Failing to protect resident from abuse by staff, residents, family members, or others.
  • Failing to respond to the resident’s poor personal hygiene or other quality of life issues.

5. Psychological

  • Public belittling or humiliation.
  • Gossiping about or spreading confidences related by the resident.
  • Isolating the resident against their will or purposefully limiting their contact with others.
  • Suggesting or directly threatening the resident with harm, discharge from the facility, deprivation, or embarrassment.

6. Misappropriation 

  • Theft of a patient’s money or property or asking a patient to loan money.
  • Requiring or implying the need for gifts or money for regular care tasks or special errands for the resident.
  • Using a resident’s property as your own such as their telephone or television.
  • Encouraging or allowing others to use the resident’s property without their consent such as borrowing clothing for use by another resident.
  • Appropriating or exploiting the resident’s property or funds by abusing legal processes.

If you have a loved one that you believe is being abused at a nursing home in any way, please contact us today at 904-353-9000.

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