Auto Accidents

Client's Car Damage

This is a photograph of a car that belonged to an actual client of The SOUD Law Firm.

It is PATHETIC that every single Insurance company runs cute commercials completely devoid of substantive information – what you need to know!  And it’s real funny until it’s your family member that gets hurt and I have the responsibility of telling you they get ZERO because nobody (including you) bought the right coverage.  A driver on Florida roads can be “legal” and have no real coverage for you or your family. We must protect ourselves and our family (with UM coverage), whatever the budget.   Car accidents in Jacksonville Florida are a fact of life and are dangerous and way too often take human life.

For the last 18+ years the majority of The SOUD Law Firm cases have been vehicle accident cases. We are an excellent resource for answering your questions. Consultations are free and it doesn’t matter what type of vehicle accident we are talking about. You can get so much more information from an in office consultation, but at this website we will try to tell you everything we can.

Vehicle Types:

ANY & ALL (Car, Truck, Van, Motorcycle, Semi-Truck and Commercial vehicle)

Collision types:

ANY & ALL (Rear End, Head-On, T-bone, Off-set and Sudden Stops or Pile ups) ALL of them are dangerous and all of them can cause serious injury or death.

Issues for Who Pays & In What Priority:

  • Vehicle Repair and Rental Car – start with the at-fault party’s insurance, then turn to your insurance and if none of those, then you may have to pay out of pocket. 
  • Medical Treatment and Bills – start with your insurance (PIP), then your Health Insurance, then the at-fault party reimburses everybody (except PIP) at the end of the case.
  • Lost Time from Work – start with your insurance (PIP) then the at-fault party for the balance at the end of the case.
  • Your Body’s Injury – start with the at-fault party (BI) then your insurance (UM).
  • Your Future Medical Care – start with the at-fault party (BI) then your insurance (PIP/UM), then your health insurance, which will NOT exclude you for “pre-existing” injuries.


We are experienced in dealing with the sophisticated issues involving accident reconstruction, biomechanics, and human factors that often arise in significant motor vehicle accident cases.  Accident animations are becoming easier to produce and more useful in client’s cases.  Our investigators are seasoned, experience people capable of covert investigations, scene photographs, vehicle photographs and witness interviews.  When needed, our office has instant access to a Jacksonville pilot with an expert photographer who flies out of Craig Airfield obtaining aerial photographs of accident sites.  Aerial photos are not only excellent exhibits for court, they are used by our animators when digitally recreating the accident.


We will cover the investigative and legal costs and you will not pay them unless we are successful in collecting dollars for you.  Meanwhile, for healthcare providers, during your treatment no dollars fly out of your pocket for any reason.  And if they do (prescription costs) then bring me a receipt and we will get you reimbursed ASAP!

Case Management:

And while all of the above is unfolding, your responsibility is not tracking down witnesses, talking to insurance adjuster or taking phone calls from debt collectors.  Your responsibility is your health, getting better and healing.  Refer everything else to us further handling.

For more information we will try to address a few questions in the Frequently Asked Questions About Motor Vehicle Accidents Page.  If you are interested in statistics, check out Florida’s Traffic Crash Statistics Report 2010, produced by Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.  In it you will find, for example, that Duval County’s 5 year history (2006 to 2010) shows on average that nearly 10,000 of our friends & neighbors were injured in an auto accident.

And finally, if you are in the process of buying insurance or trying to understand the meaning of coverage you bought, then please How To Buy Auto Insurance.  We’ll try to explain, in “straight-talk” coverage terms like “PIP or “UM”.  For example, the concept of “Full Coverage”…..Full for whom?  Depending on the insurance company, this usually means you have “Collision” and “Comprehensive” coverage.  Collision and Comp pays for the vehicle when it’s destroyed.  So it’s the bank or finance company that’s “fully covered”.  Wow, that’s not full coverage to us!