Accident Lawyer – What can I get paid for?

An Accident Lawyer Goes After You Everything You Should Be Paid

All accident cases are settled pre-trial or due to a trial. No matter how the case plays out an accident lawyer will be your best bet. An accident lawyer will fight to get you the most money for your accident.

Most payment settlements will occur before a trial. When you have accident lawyer representing you, insurance companies want to settle before trial. Insurance companies typically settle for more at this time to avoid the “legal cost” of going to court. Additionally, if a case cannot be settled before trial, then the lawyer will sue the at-fault party.

A Personal Injury case is a Civil matter which could be tried before a jury in a court room. Now juries are just good people, sitting in a box (usually 6 + 1 alternate) who have no legal training and ultimately charged with settling your case for you. If you have served on a jury before you know that the selection process begins by a lottery drawing of all people with a valid Florida driver’s license.

When the plaintiff and defendant “rests their cases” the Judge will dismiss the alternate juror. The Judge will then proceed to very specifically instruct the remaining 6 jurors on what to give you, assuming they conclude the defendant is responsible for your “damages”. You get paid, what a jury is instructed to pay you. The Florida Supreme Court has an excellent website that prominently displays a link to all jury instructions used throughout the state of Florida.

Items You Get Paid For

In essence, you can get paid for your “economic” and “non-economic” losses. Basically your economic losses includes past and future medical bills, lost wages and property damages. Your non-economic losses are things like your “pain & suffering” and your spouse’s “loss of consortium” claim. What you should notice is that you don’t get paid for some losses which flow as a “consequence” of the accident, such as gym membership dues or credit card interest payments.

The video below provides a short discussion on “damages” from an accident lawyer. Any questions or need for additional information, contact us.