Auto Accident Attorney – How are my attorney fees paid?

Auto Accident Attorney – Personal Injury Attorney Cost

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase from an auto accident attorney, “No recovery, no fee.”  So here’s the STRAIGHT TALK: If there is a recovery the attorney fee is 1/3 for cases that settle “out of court”, which is, in my experience, 85-90% of cases.

By way of example, if you recover $10,000, the attorney fee is $3,333.33.  Your balance is $6,666.67 from which you may have deductions for medical and legal costs.

If you recover $100,000 the attorney fee is $33,333.33 and your balance is $66,666.67 from which you will have deductions for medical and legal costs.  It is a “formula” and is applied at the end of your case on the gross settlement amount which is presented to you at a “Settlement Closing” where you must review and approve the settlement disbursement by your signature BEFORE any checks are cut.

Yes, you can represent yourself and not pay any attorney fee.  Unfortunately, given the way insurance companies take advantage of people it is not likely you will recover nearly what I could recover for you, and in a way that it not only covers my fees but ultimately puts in your pocket an amount that is more than you could have done on your own. I can teach you a lot on this website, but the critical parts are learned by experience, like 18+ years experience.

For the “nuts & bolts” and some real reading material on the subject, see The Florida Bar’s website, particular to: RULE 4-1.5 FEES AND COSTS FOR LEGAL SERVICES.

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