Car Crash Lawyer – Can I Choose The Doctor I See?

Car Crash Lawyer – Choosing The Doctor?

Choosing a doctor is critical and answers question two above.  In my opinion, No treatment, No case.  My guess is, from your stand-point right now,  your concern is trying to feel better and find relief.  A car crash lawyer should be able to accomplish both goals.

In Car Accident Cases, YES, absolutely, you can choose the doctor you see. And in such cases, now don’t worry, but YOUR car insurance (PIP/ No-Fault) will pay the first $10,000 – it’s Florida Law; You really don’t have a choice in the matter. The good news, also, is – you can choose just about any doctor, and I mean any, who is willing to accept auto insurance (which is most, except you Family Docs or PCP).  I know PIP will cover holistic modalities like acupuncture, and of course more main stream, Chiropractic, Orthopedic and Neurological.

In other cases, similarly YES, however we may need to make special arrangements (Letter of Protection) for the health care provider to “hold” the bill until the end of the case. Bottom line: don’t sit there in pain.

To Sustain Injury Case: You need positive, affirmative answers to all three of these questions:

  1. Another person/company is at fault?
  2. You HAVE damages/injury? and
  3. The other person / company has an ability to pay (i.e. – an insurance company with check book)?

The video below provides a short discussion on the auto accident PIP coverage.