Have A Case?

Do I Have a Case? (Not "How much is my case worth?")

Do I Have a Case? (Not "How much is my case worth?")

Often we're asked "do I have a case?" or "hey, what's my case worth?". Let me address the second question first. The value of a case is very detail specific. There's no way for me or any other lawyer to give you a reasonable value of a case based on a website form. Also, the value of a case fluctuates, depending on how the "evidence" develops. Your evidence that helps establish "value" is what your doctors testify too or "put on the record".

As to the other question: Do I have a case? We can talk about the "quality" of a case and grade it, like in school A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, etc....

There are three main areas I'll cover. 1) Who's at-fault? 2) What are your "damages"? and 3) Who has a checkbook?

How Bad Are You Hurt?

Can Someone Pay For This?

What Kind of Damages Do You Have?