Points to Ponder Regarding Your Florida Driver’s License

Jacksonville, Florida is the largest city in area in the contiguous 48 states at 758 square miles. Jacksonville includes all of Duval County, Florida with the exception of the beach communities (Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach and Jacksonville Beach) and Baldwin.  In a city the size of Jacksonville, having a driver’s license is essential.  According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there are 14 million licensed Florida drivers. Every year the Florida DMV issues 800,000 plus new drivers licenses. New residents to Florida with out-of-state licenses reach well over 400,000 annually.

Having a valid Florida driver’s license is something that most of us take for granted.  What could be simpler than renewing it every eight years, right?  But, what happens when a person is issued a traffic citation and, by and through circumstances beyond their control, is unable to pay its corresponding fine?  Should this occur, the State of Florida retaliates by suspending the person’s driving privileges, which then results in cancellation of that person’s automobile insurance.  Earn enough points on your license within a five year time frame, and a person could be looking at a “habitual traffic offender” suspension of their driving privileges for a period of five years!  The following is a breakdown of the points assessed for civil traffic infractions:

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This is precisely why having the right attorney in your corner is crucial.  If you need assistance with contesting a traffic citation and/or have been charged with any misdemeanor or felony pertaining to your Florida driver’s license, contact the Soud Law Firm for a free consultation.  The Soud Law Firm has the answers.