Jet Ski Injury Accidents – Jet Ski With Caution

Let’s Prevent Jet Ski Injury Accidents

In just a couple of months people will be heading back to the lakes, rivers, and beaches here in Florida. That also means people will be getting their boats and jet skis back out on the water. As much fun as it can be, jet ski injury accidents occur when not used with caution.

Jet skiing is very popular here on the First Coast, where we have our share of waterways that allow for the enjoyment of this recreational sport. However, without the proper precautions, jet skiing can be dangerous. The U.S. Coast Guard reports that more than 700 deaths and more than 3,000 injuries have been attributed to accidents involving jet skis.

Reason for these Jet Ski Injury Accidents

Many of these accidents are the result of the negligence of another boater or Jet Ski operator. The most common causes for Jet Ski accidents have been found to be inexperienced boaters, speed, alcohol and negligence. As a result, the combination of all these factors can lead to some serious jet ski injury accidents.

Statistics show that alcohol often plays a large part in many such accidents. Did you know that drinking while operating a boat or Jet Ski is illegal? The negligence of driving a Jet Ski under the influence can lead to serious consequences for them and others.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a Jet Skiing accident, please contact The Soud Law Firm at 904-353-9000 to find out what steps to take next. Please remember to always practice safety when on the water.

You can also check out our Boating Accidents page or learn more about boating safety classes on the US Coast Guard website.


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