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Jeffrey D. Soud, Esq.

Jeff Soud has been an attorney for over 25 years – a quarter of a century.  He has had the Soud Law Firm for nearly 21 years.  Over all that time, he has helped a lot of people with “Serious Issues find Serious Solutions.”  His law practice has always been dedicated to giving a voice to those who have suffered serious injury or loss.

When describing the work that he does, he likes to use the term “trial lawyer”.  The significance of that is: if he not able to reach a “pre-suit settlement” for his clients, then he is prepared, funded, ready and willing to file a lawsuit.  At the negotiating table, its our “ace in the hole”.

If the insurance company adjusters and the insurance industry “machine” does not make serious offers  acceptable to his clients, then we’re filing suit.   It’s that simple. It’s that routine.  And it’s the way he has been doing it for a quarter of a century.

He went to a Christian collage in Lynchburg, Virginia – Liberty University (graduation 1988).  After college, he went to law school at Stetson Law School. (graduation 1992) in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Early Career

When he returned to Jacksonville / North Florida, Jeff took a position at a law firm handing cases maritime / shipping losses suffered The following year, he was recruited by a personal injury law firm to assist them in representing a variety of injured people, including maritime workers, people who were injured on the shipping docks or on vessels.

These early experiences of helping good people, seriously hurt, whose lives have been deeply effected was transformative.  As a result, Jeff has, over the years, represented thousands of people in the North Florida community.

“It was what I was born to do and I thank God for a career in life that allows me to help and fight for hurting people.” – Jeff Soud.

Professional Career

As a lawyer in Florida, Jeff is a member in good standing with The Florida Bar.  That means he is “admitted” to practice before the Florida Supreme Court, the State District Courts of Appeal, and all the other Courts in all the counties of Florida.  In addition to that, he is also “admitted” to practice before Federal Court Judges.  In addition, he has been “admitted” (or have been) to the United States District Court for the Middle and Southern Districts and to the United States Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals (Federal), in Atlanta, Georgia.

On A Personal Note: To The Core

Mr. Soud is a follower of Jesus Christ and a member of Anastasia Baptist Church in St. Augustine, Florida (a Southern Baptist church). He loves the LORD and would love to talk to you about that, if you wish. On the spiritual side of things: You may not want justice – your “legal rights”.  Think more in terms of Mercy and Grace!

Not long ago, in 2005, he had the distinct honor and was asked to represent the Jacksonville Billy Graham Crusade, in its corporate formation, creation and dissolution. He got a chance to meet Rev. Graham and shake his hand.  “In my mind, meeting Dr. Graham was what I would imagine it would be like to meet Moses.”  Later, he  had the pleasure of assisting his children, daughter, Ann Graham Lotz and son, Franklin Graham in smaller capacity, regarding their Jacksonville Revivals in 2008 and 2015, respectively.  As the Scripture teaches us, Mr. Soud loves and is a praying supporter of the nation of Israel and the beloved Jewish people.  Join him in praying for the Peace of Jerusalem!

But not just Israel.  Mr. Soud loves his Country and is a proud flag waiving praying patriot of the USA.  He really appreciates the opportunity, over the years and presently representing some of the men and women warriors who serve our county.  Thank you for what YOU all do!

In 2007, one of his clients, while an active duty officer, presented me with an authentic United States battle flag.  This flag flew over Camp Patriot, Kuwait and it’s hanging in our lobby.  What an exceptional honor for him and The Soud Law Firm. 

Mark A. Myers, Esq.

Mark A. Myers is an attorney with Soud Law heading up the Litigation Department handling personal injury case as well as other litigated matters, both in Florida and New York.   Mark’s work as a personal injury litigator has resulted in the recovery of millions of dollars to his personal injury clients. Mark has litigated dozens of cases, both civil and criminal to jury verdict. Mark is a 15 year veteran of the United States Air Force and as such feels a need to provide pro-bono or low cost legal support to veterans of the United States Military.  As a lawyer in Florida, Mark is a member in good standing with The Florida Bar.  That means he is “admitted” to practice before the Florida Supreme Court, the State District Courts of Appeal, and all the other Courts in all the counties of Florida.


  • Mark has been recognized by US Congressman Paul Tonko for his work with the Veterans Rights Project at Albany Law School.


Florida Bar February 5, 2016

New York Bar 2008

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