Personal Injury Lawyer – Will My Medical Bills Affect My Credit?

Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Help With My Medical Bills Affecting My Credit?


Yes, your medical bills can affect your credit if not properly managed. By managed I mean by a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer contacts your healthcare providers to make arrangements or written agreements. As a result, your debt will not be reported to the credit agencies.

Medical bills fall in that category of “damages” or financial damage. For this reason, medical bills are “value drivers” in getting better recoveries, which is good for the case.  Conversely, large medical bills of $30k+, are bad indicator of your health.

The medical treatment you receive generates a bill for services rendered and is a legal obligation you owe. Therefore, a personal injury lawyer’s effort is transferring that debt obligation to the “at-fault” party. Additionally,  several months my be needed to complete this process. On the average the process takes six to nine months.

All the lawyer will need from creditors is time or a forbearance to address that debt.  Most are willing to grant the request and look forward to an “account payable” that only needs time to mature.

Also, as a side note, some Duval County hospitals, particularly Shands Jacksonville, are very aggressive at filing “Notice of Lien” on the public record (usually the Duval County Clerk’s Office).  This is not necessarily impacting your credit / credit score but it is a lien on the public record which must be addressed when your case has a “closing” or “settlement conference” where you approve the distribution of the recovered funds.  When they are paid, you want them to generate a “Satisfaction of Lien”, which they are quite glad to do.

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