Success Stories

A Quick Caution About What Follows:

Over the years our office has represented thousands of clients. A lot of the cases below are common examples of the types of accidents we are seeing. The actual recovery in a client’s case is highly dependent on the bodily injury, insurance coverage available and well as many other factors. Therefore, as you read the dollar figures of the recoveries below, DO NOT assume that those amounts are the amounts you would recover if you had a similar case. Not all cases are equal and no two cases are the same.


Recovery $190,000.00

Jean was riding her motorcycle when a 100+ pound dog ran into the road and into the side of her motorcycle.  The motorcycle’s impact with the dog at 40+ mph, killed the dog and ejected Jean.  Jean slid down the road, tumbling and rolling. Her injuries were extensive – fractured wrist, lacerations, scrapes and bruises to the face and body.  Fortunately, the dogs owner had a “home-owners” policy that provided coverage for Jean. 

Recovery $360,000.00

Susan fell and injured her knee at a local major grocery store here in Jacksonville. The store was open to the public while at the same time employees were operating a “leaky” floor scrubbing machine.  Before her fall, Susan did not see a wet or damp floor and there were no signs warning her of the dangerous conditions. Susan’s injuries were immediate pain and suffering due to a fractured knee, which continues to hurt, even to this day.  Eventually Susan had knee surgery and ultimately, she is a likely candidate for knee replacement surgery.  

Recovery $50,000.00 (maximum available)

Christopher was the driver of his vehicle traveling east on a six-lane road in Jacksonville. The at-fault driver also was traveling east on the same road when she made an improper lane change and failed to see Chris. As a result, the at-fault driver struck the front left side and rear left side of Chris’s vehicle. He did not see the accident coming, nor did he have time to brace himself. At the time of the impact, Chris experienced immediate pain in his head, neck, shoulder, and back together with a loss of consciousness.

Recovery $55,000.00

Karen was driving her SUV south on a road in Jacksonville, Florida. The at-fault driver was on the same road, but traveling north and approaching Karen head-on. The at-fault driver bent down to pick up something from the floorboard. As he did so, he drifted into the path of Karen’s truck and hit her head on. Karen was not braced for the impact and hit her head on the window. She also experienced pain in her neck and back.

Recovery $49,500.00

Dwight was the restrained driver of his 2000 Honda. He was traveling northbound on a road in Jacksonville and was stopped at an intersection. The at-fault driver was traveling directly behind Dwight at approximately 20 to 25 miles per hour. The at-fault driver failed to even slow down his vehicle, and violently crashed into the rear of Dwight’s car. Dwight experienced pain in his neck, back, and shoulders. After extensive litigation, the case settled out of court.

Recovery $100,000.00 (maximum available)

Scott, a police officer on duty, was traveling on a road northbound in Jacksonville, Florida. At that time, the at-fault driver, was driving a Ford truck he borrowed from a friend. The at-fault driver pulled out of a shopping center and in front of Scott’s cruiser. Scott moved to the outside lane in an effort to avoid an accident. However, despite his best efforts, the front of the at-fault vehicle struck the left side of Scott’s police cruiser. Scott struck his head against the window of his vehicle. After extensive litigation, the case settled out of court.

Recovery $55,000.00 

(maximum of the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage as well as a recovery against Eddie’s own insurance company.)

Eddie was driving his vehicle north on a two lane road in Jacksonville approaching an intersection that had a dedicated right turn lane. Eddie was in the process of slowing his vehicle as he entered the turn lane. The at-fault driver came from the opposite direction and crossed in front of Eddie suddenly and without warning. The impact was so severe that the air bag deployed striking Eddie in the face, chest, and arms. Eddie’s vehicle was totaled. Eddie experienced pain in his head, neck, and back.

Recovery $140,000.00 

(maximum of the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage as well as a recovery against Sam’s own insurance company.)

Sam was involved in a horrific car accident. The defendant was driving while intoxicated and fleeing a Florida Highway patrol officer attempting to stop him. The defendant was traveling in the wrong direction on a major highway with a large grass median. Sam’s vehicle flipped several times after the initial, head-on impact. Sam suffered injuries to the head, neck, and back.

Recovery $190,000.00

Isaiah went to a local retailer. While on the premises, he stepped on some empty and flattened boxes that were placed all over the floor by an employee for the defendant who was stocking the store shelves. When Isaiah stepped on the debris, which he was unable to avoid, he slipped and fell to the floor. As a result of the fall, Isaiah suffered injuries to his neck and back. The case settled before trial, after extensive litigation.

Recovery $105,000.00

Mary was the restrained driver of her car traveling east on a road in Jacksonville. The at-fault driver was also traveling east when suddenly and without warning the at-fault driver lost control, went off the road, over corrected, came back onto the roadway and struck Mary nearly head-on. The impact caused Mary’s air bags to deploy. As a result, she blacked out and suffered neck, back, and knee injuries.

Recovery $69,500.00

Nancy and friends were having fun at an amusement park in Orlando, Florida. They had been enjoying the park during the morning hours without any incidents. Then, suddenly while walking in a public corridor, a park employee flung open an unmarked steel door. The door hit Nancy in the head on the front right side of her face. The heavy steel door was the same color as the wall, had no window, and there were no markings or warnings to indicated this door would open directly into the corridor. Nancy experienced immediate headache and dizziness.

Recovery $150,000.00

Connie was riding with her husband on his motorcycle when they were exiting a gated community. The gate arm came down prematurely and unexpectedly either through the actions or omission of gate security employees. The gate’s unexpected closure caused her Husband to instinctively lean back to attempt to avoid being hit by the gate. Despite his best efforts to avoid being hit, the gate arm hit her husband in the face causing him to lose control of the motorcycle. As a result, Connie fell off and landed on the ground on her left side.

Recovery $135,000.00

Laura was the restrained driver of her vehicle in Jacksonville. She was stopped in the left-turn lane at a red light. When the light for her lane turned green, she then entered the intersection to turn. The at-fault driver, driving a commercial cargo truck and traveling at an estimated 40 mph, did not stop for his red light. The driver caused a violent collision between his truck and Laura’s car.

Recovery $85,000.00

Joe, was driving his Toyota pickup truck. The at-fault driver negligently operated his Ford pickup truck and violently collided with the front driver’s side of Joe’s vehicle. Joe was completely run off the road after being hit. Joe was air lifted to a local hospital in Jacksonville, where he was hospitalized for treatment to extensive injuries.

Recovery $105,000.00

Joan was at an event at Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida. Joan was exiting the stadium, with several friends and family, in a crowded walking area at night. Her sandal got caught on a metal ring protruding from the cement walkway on the Alltel Stadium grounds that was used to support tents erected for event-related activities. As a result, Joan tripped and fell. There were no signs warning of the metal ring.

Federal Cases

In a wrongful death case litigated in Federal Court, we recovered $2.2 million from The United States of America, for our client.

Unique Litigation

In a horrific automobile accident, the at-fault party has personal assets in excess of the insurance coverage. We were successful in having that at-fault party write an additional $50,000 personal check, over and beyond the $100,000 insurance limits.

Asset Check

We look for at-fault drivers with hidden assets or abilities to contribute to our clients damages, beyond the available insurance coverage.

Insurance Coverage Disputes

Just because an insurance company says they will not extend coverage to pay for our client’s injuries does not mean we will not argue with them on the interpretation of their insurance policy. Recently, in Bud’s case, we had an insurance company agree with our argument and reverse course to extend coverage and then pay the limits of the policy.

Success Stories March 7, 2011